The international fur trade is a responsible and growing industry that remains buoyant despite the slow global economic growth. More than one million people are employed by the fur trade and the trade provides skilled and semi skilled employment in a wide variety of areas; including farming and animal food production, veterinary research, animal food production, sorting and warehouse management, buying and selling, tanning and dyeing, cutting, hand-sewing and designing garments and homeware, marketing and retailing.

Courses and training in various aspects of the fur sector are on offer throughout the world. Please see our sample of courses on offer and contact the course provider directly for further information. Please continue to check this page for more info on a career in fur. Top of the list has been posted latest.


Permanent Roles and Work Placement at Rebecca Bradley London Fur, London

Contact [email protected]

How to apply — Send your CV, Portfolio and a covering letter to the email above

Experience Required — Some in sewing skills, both by hand and machine. No knowledge of fur is required

How long are work placements — Range from 1 week to 6 months

Description -Depending on students previous experience, they can expect to learn and be involved in; Basic running of a fashion and Furrier studio and workshop,
Skin knowledge and types,
How to work with fur, Pattern cutting for fabric and fur, Machinery and tools,
Hand and machine finishing,
Fur care.

Currently running Fur Summer School
August 07 — 11, 2017 Quote #IFFLONDON for 10% discount

Work placement at Hockley, London


[email protected]

How to apply – email CV

Who can apply?– fashion students (2nd or 3rd year of Degree or Masters)

How are candidates selected?– appropriate students are selected by interview

How long are work placements – usually 2 weeks

Description of what students get to be involved with – a wide range of tasks including pattern cutting. Students get to help out in the Studio and can also get assistance and advice with their own projects.

Is there a waiting list — Yes

How many places – if at a very busy time then 2 or 3 students at a time.


INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: Fur Design and Marketing

Qualification: Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA

Length and duration: 3, 5 years, 210 credits

The Degree Programme in International Business at Centria University of Applied Sciences in Finland focuses on entrepreneurship, sales and marketing. Students may decide to follow a business-oriented programme or choose to specialise in fur design & marketing. During the education, the students combine theoretical business studies with practical knowledge of fur in a very creative workshop environment.

We offer a unique programme covering the entire process from learning how to handle fur and understanding the raw material to designing and making products in fur and leather. Our aim is to let you explore the versatility, usability and applicability of fur.

Design projects combine theoretical knowledge and the practical skills and provide the students useful contacts for their future working life.

Centria has an extensive support of the fur farmers of the region, fur trade in Finland, professional and international visitors who have worked with us to construct this unique education.

Centria University of Applied Sciences
Runeberginkatu 8 • 68600 Pietarsaari • FINLAND
+358 50 336 8746
[email protected]

Further information about application:
Admissions office:
+358 40 808 6604,
[email protected]


Association Name: Deutsches Pelz Institut

Association contact details:

Niddastr. 66-68
60329 Frankfurt
Tel: 069-242635-40
Fax: 069-242635-21

Name of the course:  Furrier education

Name of the school: Staatliche Berufsschule, Fuerth
School contact details: 
Staatliche Berufsschule
Fichtenstr. 9, 90763 Fürth, Germany
Tel: +49 911/74346

Entry requirements: Competed secondary education
Fees: €465 for the first, €556 for the second and €659 for the third year of training. The school has scholarship opportunities for local and foreign students.
Duration: Three years
Certificates/diplomas obtained: Vocational training certificate


Name of the course: Training in modern techniques of fur tailoring and simulation.

School name: European school for fur design and furrier skills

School contact details:
Ms Kira Jensen Tel: +4798485823
Website: www.hasseltd.lpb.ru, >www.Jendesignschool.blogspot.com
Entry requirements: Competed secondary education
Fees: TBC
Duration: depending on the kind of the course attended

Certificates/diplomas obtained: There are full/part time courses available, as well as online training.


Association Name: Estonian Fur Association

Association contact details:

Kilbi 6
11711 Tallinn

Tel: +372 661 9702, Fax: + 372 661 9701

Email: [email protected]

Name of the course: Fur farming

Name of the school: Järva County Vocational Training Centre (Estonian Ministry of Education and Research)

School contact details:

Järva Kutsehariduskeskus
Tallinna 46
Paide 72720

Entry requirements: Competed secondary education

Fees: TBC

Duration of the course: One year

Certificates/diplomas obtained: Officially accredited fur farming diploma

Name of the course: Optional fur farming course for students of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences

School name: Estonian University of Life Science, Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences

School contact details:
Kreutzwaldi 62
Tartu 51014
Tel/fax: +372 7313 706
E-mail: [email protected]
website: http://vl.emu.ee/en/

Entry requirements: Competed secondary education

Fees: TBC

Name of the course: Fur farming workshops and short training

School name: Estonian Fur Breeders Association

School contact details:
Kreutzwaldi 1,
Tartu 51014
Tel: +372 56 120 717
Website: http://www.efba.ee

School name: Estonian Chinchilla Association

School contact details:
Eesti Chinchilla Liit
Pressi küla

Haanja vald, Võrumaa 65101
Tel: + 371 6715944
Email: [email protected]

For apprenticeships information and opportunities please contact: Lindante Ltd Fur Company

Tallinna Kaubamaja naistemaailm
Gonsiori 2
10143 Tallinn, Estonia

Tel/fax: +372 661 97 00
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.lindante.ee/


Association Name: Saga Furs Oyj

Association contact details:
Martinkylantie 48
01720 Vantaa,
Tel: +358 9849 81
email: [email protected]
Website: www.sagafurs.com

Saga Furs auction house offers a number of training programmes for fur farmers and designers.

For more information about fur farming training programmes contact Saga Furs and Saga Furs Design Centre directly at [email protected].

Name of the course:
International Grading Course

Gives in-depth knowledge of all phases required in the grading of Saga Furs® Fox, Mink and Finnraccoon.

School name: Centria University of Applied Sciences, Center for Fur Design

School contact details:

Runeberginkatu 8,
68600 Pietarsaari, Finland
Tel. +358 50 3368746
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.centria.fi/futurefurstudio

Name of the course: Bachelor of Business Administration with specialisation in fur design and marketing

In the autumn of 2014, CENTRIA University of Applied Sciences introduced a new international education at the university level with the specialisation in fur. The studies include both fur design and business, which gives a good basis for functioning in a global fur market.

The Degree programme in International Business focuses on entrepreneurship, sales and marketing in an international context. Students may decide to follow a business orientated programme or choose to specialise in fur design & marketing.

The option in fur design and marketing will enable students to become experts in the field of fur by learning how to handle fur from understanding the raw material to designing, marketing and making products in fur and leather. In addition to these skills, the students will acquire skills on how to plan and carry out an international fair project: planning and building the stand, logistics, informing, appearing on the fair and taking care of contacts.
To find out more about this trajectory visit: https://web.centria.fi/applicants/degree-seeking-students/international-business-fur-design-marketing

The overall objective of the program is to provide students with professional, international, personal and social competences to operate in an international business environment. The program provides good possibility’s to study in an international surrounding as this is a group of multicultural students.

Entry requirements: General eligibility to the programmes is given by a foreign degree or qualification which gives eligibility for higher education in the awarding country. An applicant who is applying with a non-Finnish qualification and is not a citizen of an *EU/EEA-country must also provide proof of their English language skills.

All applicants who have demonstrated their eligibility and language skills will be invited to the entrance examinations.

To find out more about the application process,please visit: http://www.centria.fi/admissions.



«Будущее меховой отрасли» — это программа ММФ, направленная на привлечение молодых людей к пушному промыслу и работе с мехом. Мы оказываем поддержку молодым дизайнерам, предлагая их вниманию информацию о работе с мехом, а также возможность подать заявку на получение стипендии для приобретения оборудования, материалов или прохождения учебных курсов.

Также мы оказываем аналогичную поддержку желающим стать производителями или мастерами. Членский взнос при вступлении не взимается. Это неофициальная группа. Мы также свяжем Вас с местной ассоциацией меха в Вашей стране. Кроме того, мы ежегодно проводим мероприятия в разных странах, поэтому, зарегистрировавшись для участия в программе, Вы сможете быть в курсе событий.

Участие в сообществе «Будущее меховой отрасли» — это уникальный опыт, который открывает возможность построить карьеру в меховой отрасли. Главная цель нашего сообщества — распространять положительную информацию об отрасли и вдохновлять новое поколение людей, работающих с мехом.


  • Сотрудничество в сети единомышленников из разных стран мира.
  • Возможность получения стипендий для различных целей, связанных с производством пушнины — от билетов/поездок на мероприятие, до средств на закупку пушнины или обучение.
  • Возможность представить свою работу на выставочном стенде ММФ и/или на wearefur.com / wearefur.ru
  • Возможность стать постоянным блогером нашего блога «Будущее меховой отрасли».


Участникам программы «Будущее меховой отрасли» предоставляются стипендии в размере до 500 евро в год. Чтобы подать заявку на получение стипендии, необходимо быть членом программы, написать письмо-заявление объемом в одну страницу, подробно описав, каким образом Вы намерены использовать стипендию, и связаться с нами по адресу [email protected]

Прошедшие кандидаты должны представить последующий отчет объемом в одну страницу с рассказом о своем опыте и фотографии для публикации в блоге, в котором они поделятся своим опытом в Интернете. Мы ежегодно предлагаем около 12 грантов и награждаем ими лучших и самых креативных членов сообщества «Будущее меховой отрасли» для оказания им помощи в их деятельности.



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